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Our passion for innovation has been the driving force behind our IT company for more than 30 years. With our pension fund app PensionDynamics, we’re accelerating the digitalization of the Swiss pensions market. Do you want to be a part of this success story? Then become a shareholder today. Straightforward and modern – with security tokens on

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Roger Peduzzi Co-CEO, Consulting & Marketing

About PensionDynamics and our ambitions

Still in its infancy, but growing steadily, the digitalization of Swiss pension funds is currently in full swing. As an experienced developer of innovative IT solutions and a specialist in occupational pensions, we are playing a major role in this development.

A new benchmark for pension funds

With PensionDynamics, the latest pension fund portal, we are raising the bar for pension fund digitalization. In light of the digital transformation of business processes, PensionDynamics is a lucrative investment in the future, one that is designed to generate long-term profits and has already been adopted by many leading Swiss pension funds. Learn more (German) about about PensionDynamics and what our clients think about it.

A solid foundation for your investment

Innovative software solutions generally come from young start-ups. In contrast, PensionDynamics was developed by a 30-year-old IT company (former ICR Informatik AG) whose progressive developer nature is based on the security of a stable client base, fixed processes and procedures, and solid revenues.

Digital is innovative and sustainable

The business processes of pension funds are currently in a fascinating moment of evolution towards digitalization. That is why we developed PensionDynamics – a pension fund portal with a focus on digitalization and automation. However, digitalization is much more than simply sending out PDFs instead of mailing a letter. It’s about fundamentally questioning all of the processes related to occupational pensions, streamlining these processes, and securely and efficiently tapping into the full potential offered by modern software and hardware infrastructures.

User experience in focus

“Human first” is an important credo when it comes to the development of PensionDynamics. In concrete terms, it means that we have utilized design-thinking methods throughout the process of creating PensionDynamics, starting with the first sketches. How do people think? How can pension fund employees and employers overcome hurdles as efficiently as possible using an attractive and intuitive user interface? And how can insured persons gain a better understanding of the complex topic of occupational pensions and simulate various future scenarios? The answer to all these questions lies in our sophisticated UX design!

PensionTech and cloud computing

The technology behind PensionDynamics has been designed and continuously improved using state-of-the-art software development methods. This is enabled by the fact that the portal is based on microservices and runs on a highly secure cloud, which means that we can optimize and update the software on an ongoing basis with zero downtime. This in turn cuts costs, ensures optimal performance and guarantees the highest operating quality at all times.

Promising forecast for revenue growth

We are proud of the fact that PensionDynamics is already being used at a number of major pension funds. Since the digitalization of occupational pensions is a dynamic, ongoing process that involves a large number of product enhancements and standardizations, further development of the portal requires a high level of investment.
Thanks to the high, steadily growing demand for intelligent digitalization solutions, we forecast positive revenue growth for PensionDynamics.


Join our success it’s never been so easy

As an innovative IT company and developer of the groundbreaking PensionDynamics pension fund portal, we’ve decided to give investors the opportunity to participate in our success using security tokens.

On the Aktionariat platform, shares can now be transferred more easily, faster and – most importantly – more securely than ever before. Investors get simple, highly secure access. Compared to a traditional public offering, practically nothing stands in the way of participating.

Another advantage of tokenization is that the money doesn’t go to the owners of the company, but rather flows directly into the further development of PensionDynamics. This makes profits clear and easy to project.

Invest in PensionDynamics

You can purchase PensionDynamics shares with the PensionDynamics broker bot from Aktionariat. Use the widget below to buy or sell PensionDynamics shares. Before you start, set up your Wallet.

Entry in the share register after share purchase

Shareholders can register their shares either using the adjacent form and the Wallet of their choice, or by keeping their shares in the Aktionariat Wallet App for iOS or Android.

After registration, newly purchased blockchain shares are automatically entered into the share register in your name. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

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Trade History of the PDS Tokens

This widget shows the latest share transactions. The complete trade history is also available for download (CSV-Datei).

Do you have any questions about PensionDynamics or how to purchase our tokenized shares? Get in touch with us.

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